Cody Webb: the epic battles at the FIM Super Enduro World Championship.

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Wow! Epic battles at the FIM Super Enduro World Championship with Jonny Walker and Colton Haaker!
One fractured his leg in practise in Prague, but he fought his pain and showed up and got impressive results at his next race and the other one you were dealing with to the last lap won the title. Do you feel it is a priviledge to race against those incredible riders?
Yeah for sure. They are both phenomenal riders and I have respect for the bike skills and abilities they both have. Jonny is a freak of nature for being able to fight through that injury for hopes at still winning the championship.

That final lap! That fight against Colton Haaker! It all come down to the last turn when you lost the championship. What was your immediate thought?
I was obviously upset, but after looking back at it, I did the best I could and we had an epic battle to prove it.

Could you have done something different?
After that block pass in the sand I pumped up and missed my line through the final matrix and drifted wide. I gave the win to Colton right there. I'll never forget about it.

Is it hard to finish second when you are the King of Motos (2x Geico AMA EnduroCross champion and 3x King of motos!!!)?
Yes, I always want to win, but this year I lacked consistency at times and some bad luck costed me the championship. The abilities are there, just didn't make it happen.

You too had a gnarly last corner attack on Jonny Walker during the championship. You once said you were too nice. Do you find your hardhearted side in some momentums (laughs)?
Yeah I've said that once before and media keeps bringing it up. I have for sure been too nice in the past, but when the factory team hires you to win and you want to win every time your'e out there on the track, sometimes you do a little more than you normally would to make it happen.

You are a master in the rocks sections, what is the simplest riding tip you would give to anyone wanting to improve his riding through rocks?
Make sure you look ahead, aim for the big rocks, don't look in the holes, and keep your legs and arms loose on the bike to let it go where it likes to.

In Argentina, you flew over your bike as a freestyler (laughs), can you describe what happened?
We raced outdoors at night on a track that was very sandy and was deteriorating like crazy. I just couldn't see well and got kicked over the bars and ejected from the bike. I knew right as I took off from the jump that it was going to be bad.

You are one of the most talented motorcycle rider in the world, do you have any dreams of other forms of racing?
I'm interested in moto rally racing, I think the roll charts and the navigation add a whole new element to the race and you need to be a lot smarter. Also car rally racing looks like a lot of fun as well.

After riding a specially geared Beta for a long time, how was the transition to your current bike?
The transition to the KTM was an easy one. The bikes are somewhat similar, but the KTM is just so versatile and I can ride the bike anywhere and it will perform well.

How do you like your suspension to feel?
My suspension is a little softer than most moto setups. I'm a big rider though, so my suspension is probably stiff for others.

Is there a trophy that you want more than any other in 2016?
I want to win Erzberg. That would be incredible to get that victory since it's such a prestigious event. Of course a third straight Endurocross championship is on that list too. Trying to see if I can make Romaniacs a possibility as well.


Thank you Cody!

**Interview dedicated to Freddie Newbury. Grace Gibson and their little Ellie.