Our little chat with Josh Toth from the XC2 pro lites class/GNCC

par Isa More
dans Profils de pilotes
-Josh Toth, we miss you at the FMSQ championship (laughs)! Will you come back (laughs)?
I would like to make it to another round of FMSQ so maybe later in the season I can come back! It is also nice to see Loic and my good friend Phillipe come to the GNCCS when they can!

--Can you explain what is ''Trail Jesters'' (the dynamic duo) with Ben Kelley? How are you both doing in your XC2 category?
The GNCC series has been going well for me and my team mate Ben Kelley being our first year competing in a full series of GNCCS! We have grown up together racing against each other through the years and thanks to Team Trailjesters we were able to compete at the National Level together! Ben is currently sitting 5th and I 6th in points in the XC2 pro lites class! 


-What is your goal for this season?
My goal for this season is to make it on the XC2 podium a couple times in the remainder of the season and earn a gold medal at the ISDE in Spain!


-You went in Slovakia for the 6 days, are you qualified to head to the ISDE over in Spain?
I am very proud to represent Team USA over in Spain this year. The ISDE is definitely one of my favorite experiences in my life!


Thank you Josh!


Crédit photos: Isa More (Josh aux 12 heures) & Trail Jesters (gros plan).