From the west: Jarrett May (Black Rider Motovan/Husqvarna)

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Jarrett May: le Black Rider Motovan/Husqvarna de la Colombie-Britannique.

From the West:  Jarrett May, Black Rider Motovan/Husqvarna.


You are the MOTOVAN'S BLACK enduro RIDER far away there in British Columbia (laughs). How life is treating you Jarett?
Life is a little busy as of late. Unfortunately not with racing, but family, and much work. The past 3 months have had its ups and downs, but if you don't have some down moments in life you will never know what up really is. I am always thrilled to be on the Black Rider Program along with the Ten Four Racing Team.

What season did you get over there this year personally and with your Ten Four Racing Team?
John Stevenson and Fraser Stewart have been competing in the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series, along with one off races across B.C. along with a couple Endurocross events as of late. I started the year off competing in the B.C. Provincial series. It was going great and I was leading the way in the pro class after 7 rounds but had to back it way off and focus on some other things in my personal life. It was a bummer to not go for it, but family first and I am happy I made that call, it was the right move. I am just now starting to get my head back in the game now.

I read your very good text in June about the off-road riding on the West coast in Motocross Performance magazine. How is the off-road racing doing in B.C.?
Thanks very much, I am glad you liked it. It is a privilege to write for MXP and get the good word out about Enduro riding and racing here in B.C. I am looking at doing more writing for them. The Off Road scene has it's ups and downs, but it's doing quite well in British Columbia right now and there are a ton of enthusiastic race organizers, volunteers and of course racers. All of the races are volunteer based, so it really comes from peoples hard work and passion to the sport.

Where are the best breathtaking riding areas in B.C.?
This is a great question, and is something I would LOVE to go further into depth with and travel around B.C. and truly find all the gems of B.C. Enduro riding. I was lucky enough to head over to Revelstoke to ride their new riding area. They've built some amazing single track out there, in a short amount of time may I add, it really is something special. Vedder mountain is one of my personal favorites near Chilliwack, Bear Creek by Kelowna is great, Lytton has some breathtaking riding, here on the island there is some great riding with Whiskey Creek being one of my favorites, around Shawnigan Lake there is some more technical, rugged trails that really test riders abilities on the bike. Kamloops is an area that has a huge amount of trail, wow, I could keep going on and on, there is so many amazing places to ride here, we are blessed in the west!

Victoria Hett, a very talented female rider from B.C. moved to Quebec a few years ago and she is working now for Husqvarna here, maybe you know her. I am always amazed how she includes women from any level of riding just for the love of the sport, for the joy of riding, inspiring beginners, where other people would be bored to follow these people (laughs). Is it the West Coast spirit (welcoming and cool)?
I know Victoria very well and she supports out Team efforts and helps us out along the way. There are a lot of people that have this so called " West Coast Spirit" out here, but honestly, Victoria tops the list, there is no doubt! She inspires me to do better, to keep racing, to have fun with it, and to reach new goals. She comes from very a hard core dirt bike family. Her Father raced, Her two younger brothers both race, they all have organized races together and built many trails ( including her Mother). They really are what dirt biking is all about, through and through. She is fun, professional, always kind to everyone, inspiring, loves to crack jokes, the list goes on. But, watch out, when she gets in race mode make sure to get the heck out of her way! haha,,,,,, seriously.

You said in this text in MXP that canadian enduro racing is missing exposure. We tried here with the FMSQ to invest more in communications, social medias etc, but the medias do not really follow, do you have potential solutions?
It's really quite tough isn't it. The dirt bike social media world is flooded with Motocross and riders doing crazy stuff on their bikes. Enduro Racing somewhat gets overlooked. I mean, I look at everything because I am in the sport, but if you were a motocross racer would you be looking at Enduro stuff, I am going to go out on a limb here and so no. I do find that Endurocross does pretty ok with media exposure. Having bigger crowds, a closed course that all spectators can see the entire race develop and unfold, with also having areas that sponsors are able to put advertising in, on or around is great. In the past month I have been to 3 different endurocross events in B.C. and they were all very received. It might be the wave of the future for Enduro to get bigger and for Enduro Riders to get noticed more. Plus, it is pretty exciting what can go on in Endurocross. It doesn't quite have the same glamour as Supercross, but I think that is a good thing. Not sure if this is a solution, but I do believe to have more Endurocross races it would spark the Media's interest.

The industry is not always ready to inject more money to help associations to organize some world class events, how did The Corner Grass Racing Crew in Alberta succeed to raise their money to organize such event as 'Rocks and Logs'? This is amazing!!! TV was present!

This is a question I don't know the exact question for. I do know the guys from Corner Grass fairly well and have talked with one of the main guys that spear headed the team 6 or so years (Lee Fryberger). He gave me some knowledge on what hoops they had to go through to put a few of their world class events. Let me tell you, the bigger event you try and put on the bigger the work load becomes. They put in many hours to organize such events like Xtinction in the past and now the crew that organize the Red Bull Rocks and Logs. I am sure year after year they were gaining some momentum with sponsors and the media, showcasing what they had done the previous race/year to generate more interest from racers , media and potential sponsors. It's an overwhelming amount of work sometimes, but if you just go for it and drive it through with passion and professionalism, it can be done. Being very professional with organizing events is key. Big companies will see much more value in what you are trying to accomplish.

From all the sport families I know, I think the Enduro Family is one of the most welcoming and helping, do you agree?
You are really making me think here.... I have been lucky enough to be involved in many sports over my years. I haven't done much else than race Enduro the past 10 years though. It is a great family sport from a kid that is 5 years old to a guy that is 80 years old. You can ride to your speed and ability and are not forced to do anything you don't want to. Everyone is really nice that I meet. There are definitely many different personalities but most riders egos are at check.

Being involved with most of the main stream team sports like Ice Hockey, soccer, baseball etc. there can be much politics within the sports. If it's from the coaches to the players, coaches to the parents, parents to parents, players to players, it can get be a little much at times. It's not always like that, but those type of sports are taken much more seriously the higher the level of play and can create some tension. Everyone in the Enduro world gets along for the most part and supports each other. In saying that, maybe the things I just said are things the sport needs to make it grow. most sports enthusiasts love rivalries. I am not saying racers need to hate each other, but a good fun rivalry between racers could do wonders. You just need to pump it up big time , especially through the media. Back to your question, The Enduro family is like no other, in a very good way.

Any projets for next season?
I have three major things on mind, and they all have something to do with what I have been chatting about to you in this interview. #1: to organize and develop a 5 or 6 round Endurocross series in B.C. . We have the enthusiasm here in B.C., we have the venues, it's getting some big time sponsors involved to help create such a series and help with exposure that we need. #2: to have a head to head match up with a Eastern Canadian Rider. I am definitely not the fastest out here in B.C. but I would love to take on one of Eastern Canada's fastest and most complete Enduro Riders. I am going to through a name out there, a guy I have raced before, Phillipe Chaine! It's go time PC! haha, let's start a fun rivalry now! I am totally serious. Let's get Phillipe to come out to B.C. and race a race here against myself and the other Pro B.C. and Alberta Enduro Racers and I will head out to Quebec to race a FMSQ against him! East vs West, KTM vs Husqvarna, Chaine vs May, young gun vs middle aged almost has been, haha. That's the kind of stuff that could really take Enduro Racing to another level here in Canada. There are so many amazing people, humble people , but also very shy people that aren't used to their named getting pumped up like that. But I say don't be scared or worried what people think, be proud and honored to see your name out there helping the sport grow! #3: to organize a 2-4 day Evaluation camp. Take 20 or so riders and put them through a full on Evaluation camp consisting of key components like: riding techniques, in the gym training (fitness), Dry land training, Nutrition, mental preperation, cornering skills, diagnosing each rider through video, suspension and bike preperation and so on. When I was younger I tried out a few Ice Hockey Evaluation camps here in Nanaimo and wow did it help my hockey skills, it was great and a ton of fun.

What bike are you riding? What best set-up for you?
I am riding the Husqvarna TE 250 two stroke. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Husqvarna TX 250. That machine is going to be a blast to ride. Best set up is a two stroke that you can hold wide open , BRAAAAP!

What not to miss in B.C. in 2017 and worldwide in your opinion?
There are too many great events put on great people to narrow an answer down to a few. Get out to as much as you can , when you can and enjoy every moment!



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