In the serie ''The Ontarian Connection'': Team Fitzpatrick/VTT and moto!

par Isa More
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Randy Fitzpatrick, you are a dad of three young riders: Joey, Rory and Riley, can you present your team and in which category they each ride?
Joey #840 pee wee c atv and moto, Rory #843 pee wee b atv and moto and Riley # 860 pee wee a atv and moto, Fitzpatrick racing.

How do you organize the family a week-end of competition? It must be epic (laughs)!
It gets crazy some weeks but Thursday night before race weekend is epic. Usually up till 1 or 2am getting the bikes ready.

How many years are you on the road racing and what made you decide one day to try FMSQ with your boys?
Our first race was 5 years ago in La Tuque, we were hooked right away. There were already some locals in our area racing but Jim from Wheelsport and Mark from Quadexpert lead us to the FMSQ and we loved it.

That's right! There is a strong ontarian connection between riders from Ontario and FMSQ, how do you explain this eagerness to join us in Quebec to ride?
Living in eastern Ontario makes it easier to make it to the races, we are somewhat centered to the schedule.

What are the big advantages for a family to decide to live the moto life?
It's what family is all about: being together and helping each other out. Even on the track friends become like a family. It's exciting going to the track and hanging out with your buddies and you get to go racing too.

Ontarian members are doing very well at the FMSQ! How do you explain the ontarian ''savoir faire'' in our sport?
Cheaper gas I think.

It was really moving to see you very proud of your boys in Ferme-Neuve. What makes you the proudest?
To see them try their best. podiums are cool too. It is fun to be able to spend quality time with your kids, these are memories for life.

How is the competition between your boys?
Very friendly competition, they have very good sportsmanship in all sports. We are a family of 9 so sharing and getting along is not a choice.

Are they dealing ok with the successes or failures of the other one when it is the case?
They know it is a sport and there is always next race. They love to do well and make the podium but sometimes you can't control the outcome. They like to see each other do well.

What is the most difficult to deal with during the season?
The weather, rain makes it difficult in so many ways.

Do you have an history of racing yourself?
I raced for 3 years in the FMSQ but now I put all my time for the kids. Plus there is no more room in the trailer for my quad.

What words do you say to your boys at the gate? Are you nervous when they leave?
Every race I tell them good luck and be safe and that I love them. I am very nervous just before the flag wave, once they take off I'm fine, then during the race you go through so many emotions, that's what makes racing so fun.

To what extent do you push your boys to succeed? How do you balance competition and fun?
One thing I learned over the years is that you can't teach a kid how to have fun, they will figure that one out on their own. My kids really enjoy racing. Rory is the most competitive one. Riley just loves to ride, he is my ironman, very cautious but get faster every lap and always finds a way to finish the race. Joey, my podium boy, he loves to win and never gives up. At the races I don't pressure my boys, I let them go at their pace but I am their biggest fan.

Last words?
I have to thank the FMSQ for such a great year,