Our 2016 champions: Bryson Durie in Amateur Moto

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You took the win on Alvarez and Murray this year, what made the difference between you and the two others this season?
Alvarez and Murray are very talented riders that really pushed me all season long! I think that after the issues with classes, being moved out of Amateur 17- it really drove me towards a championship.

Ashton, your brother, also won in Écolier A, what are you all eating at breakfast to be so efficient (laughs)!!?
Always gotta get your protein into you before the races! Mainly eggs and lots of water! I'm excited to see him compete in Amateur 17- next year.

Adrenaline at school versus adrenaline at the races... Is it easy to get bored at school during the week when you race the wek-ends?
Well when you're used to flying through the air or bouncing off other bikes, sitting in a desk gets really tiresome. Racing is on my mind almost all the time!

During winter what is your training about?
Winter isn't the same for us as most racers! We spend a lot of time skiing and really just preparing our bikes for the next season! Of course I'd love to go south to ride but doesn't every rider?

What little sentence do you tell yourself at the gate to pump you up? Do you have a little routine?
Every race I have the same routine with my family! Mom always wishing me good luck and tells me she loves me, then off to the first corner to watch me get the holeshot ;). Dad is beside me until the race is about to take off, waiting for me to get going and grab my stand (little legs aren't the best for a kickstart).

How do you deal with the pressure at the gate?
To me, the pressure has never really got to me. The last two seasons I've had a comfortable lead throughout the year and I know that it's a long race so starting 41st isn't hard to make up for over 90 minutes.

Your dream in endurocross is...?
To race along side all the pros, including my brothers! It would be awesome to be side by side battling with them just like we do at home!

What present did you get this last Christmas that blew your mind?
My uncle and aunt (the Tighes) definitely took the cake with a trip to Toronto supercross!

What is your bike and what do you like most riding it?
I ride a yz250, this year will be my first full year riding it! Jumping though the air is definitely my favourite part!

What technique are you the best at? 
During the season, I felt my best races were at any sand race, with a more motocross style track. Racing competitively in motocross as well as enduro really helps when you can clear a 100ft jump on the first lap!

Your best memory of racing this last season?
The first race of the year was the best part of my season! Being bumped a class ahead against older and faster racers really had my heart beating! I knew I had to push as hard as ever to battle along side them! It was a great feeling taking the top place on the podium of that race.

Your worst race of the season?
La Guadeloupe was the worst race of the year, starting dead last and having the gas lines on my bike come loose caused a near last place finish as I could only finish 2 laps!

Thank you Bryson!


Crédit photo:  Maude Giroux