Nathan Ayles: from Moncton to Mansonville!

par Isa More
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Nathan, you came from New-Brunswick to try to race with us in Mansonville last week-end with the Inter riders , how did you get to know our association from there?
It was suggested I check out FMSQ by our Husqvarna sales rep at our local Toys for Big Boys dealership.

12 hours of transportation to get to this race, is this crazyness or strictly passion (laughs)?
A little of both but mainly passion.

How did you find our trails and your contenders?
Trails were great, contenders fabulous.

You got a second place (in the hardest climatic conditions) on the podium with Lepley and Brodeur, what is your background and realizations so far in endurocross?
This is my second year racing expert in Atlantic Canada. I have raced for four years, starting as a junior, one year intermediate and then expert. I have been fortunate to have also gone to two GNCC races.

When you win everything in NB, what is your next goal?
To lap the person in second, haha!

How is the endurocross scene in New Brunswick?
I race more in the Nova Scotia Off Road Riders Association (NSORRA). It is a bigger field and more established. New Brunswick hosts 3 races a year.

Will you intend to race next year all the races to get the provincial championship win?
My goal is to win the championship in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick this year. Next year I plan to do the same but races more FMSQ's hopefully.

What do you love the most in riding?
The demand physically and the peacefulness of it.

Your father came along with you, does he have a history in racing himself?
Yes he does but now he rides for fun.

Are you coming to one of our three last rounds?
Unfortunately not, conflicts with other races but would love to get there!

What kind of bike do you ride? Why this choice?
2017 Husqvarna TX 300. I love the smoothness, weight, suspension and power.

What training do you do to stay fit and get ready to race?
I trail run, ride almost daily and eat healthy.

Where could we go on a trip to NB. to ride and discover nice trails and tracks?
My parents place in Elgin NB., we have loads of trails and love having people come!

Do you follow the MX Nationals when they come to NB?
My Sponsor, Larry Northrup and Toys for Big Boys host the Nationals at Riverglade MX so I am fortunate to get to be involved.

Last words?
We were really impressed with how friendly the FMSQ family was and I always give a big shout out to Toys for Big Boys for all they do for me, and my parents.