Bubz Tasha from the JDay @KMXX this week-end!

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Bubz Tasha, you are coming this week-end from Massachussets to ride in Renfrew, Ontario (9 hours of travelling!) to participate to our National Cross Country Championship's round 3? How did you hear of us?
Yes! I’m heading over the boarder tomorrow morning and will be at the track Saturday! My buddy Jordy (Jordann Bergevin) races your series and has been telling me to come to a race since mid winter so I decided I might as well check it out this off weekend.


You just rode at the Snowshoe GNCC in West Virginia. How did it go?
It was a really good learning experience for sure. Raced A250 and got signed up super late so had to start about 20 rows back and had to work my way through about 100 riders on the first lap. Ended up with a 3rd in A250 and 24th Overall so I’m not upset about that finish.


You ride number 222, why this number?
Was just put on the spot when I was younger at one of my first ever races and they asked me for a number and I just immediately thought 222 and have stuck with it since. Everyone seems to love it and I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.


 What machine do you ride?
I race a Hutch Motorsports Husquvarna. TC 250 at the JDay races and then an FC 250 at the longer more off-roady races.


You also ride at the JDay Off Road series, what category are you and what are your average performances?
Yes I’m doing the whole season this year at JDay, I race the premier class at Jday and have steadily been up on the podium at every event.


What is your goal this season?
My goal is to win some jday events and be the top amateur at the remainder of the GNCC.


Are you a holeshot maker (laughs)?
Yes, I am a very consistent holeshot guy. Although I am just starting to race the four stroke and have yet to dial in the starts on it. But I am a very aggressive rider so seem to make up for bad starts in the first few minutes of a race.

2 stroke or 4 stroke?
Just starting to train and race on the four stroke.


What obstacles do you like the most?
I grew up on the moto track and am most comfortable on the faster more intense/ moto sections of tracks for sure. Just starting to learn more and more about how to be smoother/ faster in the woods.


Are you winning this week end (laughs)?
Gonna definitely bring my A game and see what I end up! Looking forward to it!

Thank you Bubz! Have fun with us this week-end!